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Whole or Half Pig

Purchasing a Whole or Half Pig for your Freezer

If you are looking to fill your freezer with pork there are some things to understand about the purchasing process.

Our pigs are sold as whole or halves. Pigs are generally butchered at a live weight between 220 and 300 pounds. A 250 pound hog will result in approximately 125 to 135 pounds of table ready pork.

Typical Cuts from a Half a Pig:

Below is a list of the cuts of pork you can expect to get from a whole hog. These weights are approximate based on averages. 

  • 23 pounds of loin - tenderloin, loin roast, pork chops, country style and baby                                         back ribs
  • 23 pounds of bacon -salt pork, fresh side, smoked bacon
  • 28 pounds of ham - hams can be smoked or fresh
  • 21 pounds of shoulder & Boston Butt- can be made into roasts &/or steaks
  • 12 pounds of sausage - want more sausage? Grind up more ham or shoulder
  • 6 pounds of spare ribs
  • 3 pounds of ham hocks
  • 5 pounds of soup bones


There are different costs associated with purchasing a pig for your freezer. The first cost is for the animal itself. This cost is based on the dressed or hanging weight. The hanging weight is approximately 70 to 72% of the animal's live weight. Brush Brook Farm prices its hogs at $3.75 per pound based on the hanging weight. This cost is payable to Brush Brook Farm.

The second cost is for the processing (cut & wrap) of the hog. Brush Brook Farm utilizes a USDA facility for processing. The cost for processing is paid directly to the processing plant at time of pick up.

The following is an average of current processing costs taken from area USDA processing facilities. Processing costs, which are subject to change, are based on the hanging weight of the animal.

  • $60 - slaughter cost per hog - if you are purchasing a half your cost would be $30
  • $0.65 per pound - for cut & wrap in paper of half a hog
  • $0.60 per pound - for cut & wrap in paper of a whole hog
  • $0.95 per pound - for cut & cryovac wrap of half a hog
  • $0.95 per pound - for cut & cryovac wrap of a whole hog

Optional costs are:

  • $1.10 per pound - smoking
  • $2.15 per pound - smoking without nitrates
  • $0.50 per pound - bacon slicing
  • $6.25/25 pounds - sausage seasoning
  • $0.95 per pound - sausage links or patties

Picking Up Your Meat:

There are two options for picking up your meat once it is ready. You can pick the meat up directly from the meat processing plant. Or, for an additional fee of $40 we will pick up your freezer ready meat and transport it to our farm in Bovina, New York where you can pick it up.

Freezer Space:

Plan on having 1 cubic foot of freezer space for every 15 to 20 pounds of meat. In another words, a hog with a hanging weight of 180 pounds will require approximately 10 cubic feet of freezer space. 

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