Brush Brook Farm

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  • Our Pigs

    Brush Brook Farm's pigs enjoy the freedom of the outdoors in the spring, summer and fall months where they can freely root and roam. During Delaware County New York's cold winter months our cross-bred pigs are sheltered indoors. They are fed a non-medicated grain mash, whey from a local cheese maker and vegetable scraps from the family kitchen and garden.

  • Our Beef

    Brush Brook Farm's grass-fed beef cattle consume only certified organic grasses. They freely graze on certified organic pasture on the family farm. When the grazing season ends and the weather turns cold, they are fed dry hay harvested from the farm and other organic grass products. We do not feed any grain, use hormones or unnecessary medication.

  • Our Hay

    Brush Brook Farm harvests approximately 300 acres of certified organic hay. The hay is dry baled into large square bales weighing approximately 800 pounds each. Several area dairy farmers rely on Brush Brook Farm for their herds' yearly hay needs. We use a portion of each season's harvest to feed our own beef cattle.

  • Ways to Purchase

    We offer beef, pork and hay straight from Bovina, New York.

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  • About Us

    Brush Brook Farm is family owned and operated by Thomas W. Burns and his wife Joan Schultz Burns as well as their two children; son Wayne along with his wife Roxy and daughter Faith. Wayne and Faith are the 7th generation of Burns' continuing the tradition of farming in Bovina, New York.

  • Contact Us

    Brush Brook Farm

    3323 County Highway 5

    Bovina Center, NY 13740


    3323 County Highway 5, Bovina Center, NY 13740
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